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Sergi Boal (guitarrist and composer from Barcelona) after the recording of 3 cds and a EP, all of them self -released but with the support of the Italian label Acustrónica, decided to create the project Wheels Collective, project based on his own compositions ( but influenced by Olafur Arnalds, Phillip Glass, pop music and classical music).
The project was supported by the collaboration of music versed and experienced in jazz and classical music ( Alba Serrano(voice) ,Pilar Rueda(cello),Gerard Borras ( electric guit.) Ramiro Rosa ( drums), Brady Lynch ( bass), and with the arrangements of Lisa Bause( violins) , Marc Mena ( trumpets) and with the Recording and Production of Dave Bianchi.
The First Cd of Wheels Collective, “Liquid” its released by the Label What About Music, 2015.
“Líquid” have the intention to describe the personal and abstract world of Sergi B, a very visual music, which describe as well the reality of the world, the war cruelty, the Drama of the refugees (Eco Eterno), the velocity of the current times ( Liquid), the hope of a better world ( When the lights are everywhere), love ( Satellite, Lovers), the climatic change ( Fred Roig, In this Cold Place, Faces)
Sergi Boal: Classical Guitar, Voice, Oud
Alba Serrano: Voice
Pilar Rueda: Cello
Jepi Humet: Clarinet
Brady Lynch: Bass
Ramiro Rosa: Drums
Gerard Borràs: Electric Guitar
Lisa Bause: Violins
Marc Mena: trumpets

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sergi boal
Barcelona, Spain
Composer,guitarrist, filmscoring and sound designer from Barcelona.

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